White on White


White on White #FUCKME ! (we didn’t make it)

The White on White series began one year after Barack Obama became President of the U.S.A. In a series of performances Schmit and Malmborg dealt with their whiteness. Originally an attempt to dramatise white subjectivity from a white perspective, White on White could somehow only function dialectically as long as the U.S. President and »leader of the free world« was non-white. Since November of last year, the duo has faced an aesthetic crisis: over the course of the white-lash of recent months, white* people are consistently assuming their position of power with little aim to criticize it. Time to seal the series up and attempt a repositioning: #FUCKME! (we didn’t make it) promises the appropriate gestures.

White on White is the artistic relationship between Iggy Lond Malmborg (Malmö/Tallinn) and Johannes Maria Schmit (Berlin/Tversted). In 2009 the duo initiated a performance-series of the same name, of which the six parts have been invited and shown internationally until last year. The aim of the White on White-series was the Verfremdung of white* subjectivity.